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  • 28 years history

    The company has nearly 20 years of production history, fully equipped, with excellent laboratory
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    Before the products leave the factory, they must go through layers of quality inspection to reach the excellent standard before being delivered to customers, so that customers will not receive unqualified products
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    Our fees are very low, in the peer is the king of cost performance
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  • Our products
    The emulsion produced by the company is mainly used for finishing all kinds of pressure-sensitive tapes, composite materials and decoration industries
    Application field
    Specializing in the development and production of acrylate emulsion polymerization, The emulsion produced by the company is mainly used for textile finishing, various pressure-sensitive tapes, composite materials and decoration
    Company profile
    The company is located in the famous traveler xu xiake hometown - xiake town. Convenient transportation, west huning expressway - huangtang road, north yanjiang expressway - xiake road. The company was founded in 1991, specializing in acrylic emulsion polymerization research and development and production. The emulsion produced by the company is mainly used for finishing all kinds of pressure-sensitive tapes, composite materials and decoration industries. The company has been investing...
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    Company news
    We release the company's latest information and the company's progress and activities, please pay attention to our official website, timely understand us

    Investment Strategy of Textile Auxiliaries Industry

    With the rapid development of textile industry and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for textile quality, the demand for textile auxiliaries will continue to increase. Therefore, the benefits of investment in textile auxiliaries industry are becoming increasingly prominent. Here are three investment strategies for textile auxiliaries industry.

    What is the relationship between fixing agent and dyeing auxiliaries?

    Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in printing and dyeing industry. Fixing agent can improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics. Fixing agents can form insoluble colors with dyes on fabrics, which can improve the color fastness to washing and perspiration. Fixing agents can sometimes improve their fastness to sunlight.

    Printing and dyeing auxiliaries industry is facing shuffling downstream integration how not to be eliminated

    In recent years, with the revival of home textiles, clothing and other industries, textile industrial parks have been built in various places. Especially in Xinjiang, many counties and cities began to take advantage of the advantages of Xinjiang's cotton industry base, and many textile industry parks emerged. Printing, weaving and dyeing factories have been put into operation, which has great momentum to build the textile base in Central Asia. In fact, the textile industry in all parts of the country is now in good shape. The outbreak of downstream clothing and textile consumption has also brought vitality to the upstream industry. As a pillar industry of printing and dyeing factories, printing and dyeing auxiliaries play an irreplaceable role in textile industry.

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  • Tel:86 510 86919390

  • Mr. Zhu xinqiang (sales manager)

  • Qiaoqi gaoan, xiake town, jiangyin city, jiangsu province, China

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